About Me

Nearing m10153624_774473352172_7407431832774079398_ny 30’s and still single, I began to sink into a depression. Almost all of my friends had someone, sometimes a full family, and seemed like life was pretty much rockin’ for them. They had both a Netflix partner and partner in crime. Someone to go on amazing adventures with, someone to fix their AC when it broke in the middle of summer, as it inevitably does.

Now, I can watch Netflix on my own. I can call someone to fix the AC. Damn it, I can be my own partner in crime. Still, those adventures. Those always felt to me like they would be best with two. So I had to wait until I found the one for my life to begin.

That mentality, however, led to a sinking ship. Not only was my ship sinking but I would not even be able to scuba the wreckage in the Florida Keys because that
Would require two.

Or would it?

A revelation came to me at 1am after several months of crying and feeling alone: I do not have to wait to start my life. I can have my adventures now. I will have someone to share them with: you.

If I wanted1509671_10101314033697903_954103288604611389_n to explore the neighborhoods of London, ride to the top of the Burj Khalifa, or go on a Tanzanian safari, I could do all these things NOW (or at least after saving a little bit of cash).

I had been selling myself and my life short. Now, I am putting FUN back into my life.  I packed my bags and moved to the Middle East. I have just started my journey of international teaching in Kuwait. This blog is my story of finding FUN in my journey around the US and abroad. I hope that it will help you find your FUN too.

As the sweet old man discovered in Disney’s “Up,” “Your Adventure Awaits.” Join me as I find the fun throughout Air and Land and Sea.