My Apartment in Kuwait

Alternate Title: Welcome to My Crib

Come on in for a tour of my digs, which have been provided free of rent and utilities charges by my school. You’ll find this is pretty typical of employers in Kuwait and it is a huge perk of teaching abroad. Not all countries do this. Some programs will offer housing assistance but most in Kuwait give you your own apartment (some shared with a roommate, some not) as well as transportation to and from work. I am thankful to have the place to myself, but still get to live in the same building as friends. One of my favorite activities is to text my friend who lives only one floor above me. Oh the joys of technology. If I desire face to face contact, as humans sometimes do, I can easily catch an elevator up and see my friends as well as play Cards Against Humanity (motto: lots of fun with a side of silent judging).

But I digress. When you enter the building, this is what  you see.

The lobby in my building

Out behind the lobby is the pool. As a westerner on private property, you can wear whatever swimsuit you are comfortable in.

Nighttime Pool
Daytime Pool

Next to the pool is a small gym.

IMG_3762 (1).jpg
Our Little Gym for our Apartment Complex

I am proud to say that I have actually used it, though the “air conditioning” is questionable as each workout seems to be a “hot” workout (not just yoga) and often the temperature outside is cool in comparison. 105 degrees at night is cool in comparison. Man how perspectives change with travel.

Inside my actual apartment, there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a balcony.

The View from My Balcony






There is a Mosque across the street and off to the left is the Arabian Gulf. Don’t call it the Persian Gulf here, it is offensive.

My living room

On to the living room. Much of it was furnished for me. Glitter pillows sold separately of course. My friend and I bought matching ones because we love a little rose gold glamour in our lives.

The dining room.

Adjacent to the living room is the dining room. I am working very hard not to use this table as a place for storage but rather as a place to eat the meals that I will (one day, probably) cook.


Pictured above is the room which is typically used as a kitchen but for me is the place where I refrigerate and reheat my Talabat leftovers. Talabat, which I have mentioned in previous posts, is an online delivery service that has been keeping me alive and fed since I have been here. The number of evenings in the last month I haven’t ordered on Talabat is easier to count than the number of evenings I have. Also, there is no dishwasher. Don’t let the current cleanliness fool you, doing dishes the “traditional” way, in a word, “sucks.”

The washing machine for clothes is in the kitchen as well. It has several settings with different lengths of time. The first time I accidentally selected a “cotton intensive” setting which was supposed to last 45 minutes but in actuality lasted for 6 hours. I have since learned my lesson and do all my wash on the “quick” cycle which lasts about an hour. The dryer has it’s own closet. It has a lint trap like most dryers but it also has a plastic rectangle tub that comes out the top left of the machine and must be emptied of water with every cycle.

The second bedroom

I am developing an ongoing Disney theme for this room. The room also has a couch that converts into a bed, which means that Ariel and the Beast will be very comfortable. Not to brag or anything but, I also have a giant Ariel eraser and Stitch pencil case.


Bathroom Numero Uno

The bathroom in the second bedroom is my favorite because it has the bathtub.

Couldn’t figure out how to take this shot without ending up in the mirror, so there I am!

Here is the bathroom in my actual bedroom. Now you may or may not have noticed but all bathrooms in Kuwait have a sprayer hose thing, like a bidet. I am too scared to use it though.


Finally, my favorite room in the house. My bedroom is where I do what I do best: sleep. And Netflix. And play on my phone.

The apartment given to me is pretty nice, in fact, it exceeded my expectations. Best of all, I get to control my own thermostat and AC is free. Being that the outside temperature is in the low 100’s, I turn my apartment into a giant ice box. At a crisp 20 degrees celsius (68 degress Fahrenheit according to my Units Plus app) my apartment is exactly what I need to unwind from time outside in the desert.

Now, if you will please excuse me, I need to get back to that newly made bed for a cat nap.


<3 Erin


7 thoughts on “My Apartment in Kuwait

  1. Looks great! And don’t fear the sprayer. It is wonderful! Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back to just dry toilet paper ever again 😀

  2. Wow!! Love the apartment!! Looks very spacious!! I hope Ariel and the Beast are very happy together. I guess he wanted to be Part of Her World.

  3. Very cool. Have you started teaching yet? I am curious how it differs from teaching here. Do they speak English? What standards are you expected to teach?

    1. I have! The school year started a bit later, September 12th, because there was a Muslim holiday the week before. The school instruction is done in English and the students take an Arabic class for 40 minutes a day. Many are native Arabic speakers but not all so they divide the kids for that class into native and non-native speakers. We teach the regular common core actually! That part has been super familiar which made the transition easier. The British schools here have a different set of standards, though.

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